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A Career in Locksmithing provides:
Opportunities for both Men and Women
Job Placement Assistance
Better Pay as a skilled Locksmith
Opportunity to run your own business

Locksmithing is well suited for individuals, men or women who like to work with their hands.

There are opportunities for both men and women in this rewarding field of locksmithing. Charles Stuart School offers job placement services that will assist all graduates to seek gainful employment as a skilled locksmith. As a locksmith you have the ability to work for locksmith shops, hospitals, museums, universities, or any establishment which has a need to safeguard possessions. Hours of employment can vary according to your own schedule. You can work anytime of the day or evening, 7 days a week. As a qualified locksmith you decide your own path of gainful employment, or you might be an enterprising individual and decide to open your own business. According to the Dictionary of Occupational Trades, locksmithing is a light duty employment. An ideal career change for those who can no longer perform their original occupation as a result of physical limitation. A locksmith can either stand or sit at a workbench or counter to perform their duties. Many of our graduates work for independent locksmith shops on a hourly basis and once they gain experience they can work as a freelance locksmith on a call by call basis for various locksmith shops. By doing this their earning potential is relatively high.

You owe it to yourself and your family to have a rewarding career. 

We cannot call you, make the first move, call us now.  718 339 2640